What the What are Watts?

In other words, how do we use the WheelPower Studio bike tech packs? We love our Stages bikes for their smooth ride, but Stages is also known for their indoor cycle consoles. Our instructors give their cues based on your RPM, or speed — but as you turn your wheel (or switch the lever) and add more tension, you may notice your watts also jump up! So what are watts? Watts are the unit of measurement used to measure your total power output. Think back to physics class – it’s a combination of force times velocity!

In simple terms, watts measure how hard you are working. So if you ramp up your speed, but keep you tension wheel and lever to the left, you watts may not increase that much. Likewise, if your tension wheel or lever are all the way to the right, but you are pedaling at a low RPM, you still may not see much movement in your watts. The beauty of training using watts is that you get immediate feedback on how hard you are working!

So how do you make that POWER number go up? You will need to make sure you are increasing your tension while matching our cues about RPM.

And here are some other common questions we have gotten about the tech pack.

Q. What stage should I be in?

A. We do the entire ride in Stage 1, so make sure you start on Stage 1 and then never press another button!

Q. Why does my bike say I rode more miles than my email says?

A. Your bike console calculates your mileage from the moment you start pedaling. The email & POWERboard are calculated for only the minutes that the instructor teaches a class (and does not include the cooldown). As a result your bike will show your total distance from the time you got on the bike.