I have always loved fall – both the idea of a new school year and the promise of cooler weather excite me. Every school year always presented a new chance to re-invent yourself, set new goals, make new friends & learn new things. This year, as my son headed to his school’s Meet & Greet, his fourth grade teacher asked each child to write their goal for the year on a post-it note and stick it to the room’s door. While I love the idea of teaching kids accountability and goal setting early on, I did have one little issue with her challenge. While I hope that all of the kids in my son’s class crush their goals for the year, we do have to remember that sometimes smaller is better when it comes to our goals.

Think about New Year’s Resolutions and how quickly we abandon them. Now, think about this. Let’s say your goal is to lose 20 pounds. It can be a little daunting to see such a large goal, especially if weight is something you’ve battled in the past. But by starting with a smaller goal, such as, tracking your food for a week in an app or a journal, you can start to build a little confidence. Once you have the success of the smaller goal under your belt, it will be that much easier to tackle the bigger goals that you have.

So whether it’s a goal of making three classes this week, or eating a healthy breakfast every morning this week, let’s all start small together and crush our goals!

New week, new goals — my goals — to make sure I’m drinking enough water everyday, moving enough (another tip – for fitbit wearers, don’t forget that you can manually add your steps after a cycle class, or loop your fitbit through your cycle shoes) and reaching for fruits and veggies first!

Let’s crush our [SMALL] goals together!