Workout Hacks.

Now that August is here, between vacations, post camp laundry and back to school prep, it can be easy to skip a workout here or there, or simply just feel like you do not have time to work out. So we created a list of 5 P.O.W.E.R. workout “hacks” to help motivate you & make it easier to get those late summer workouts in!

P – PLAN ahead. Book your workouts at the beginning of the week, just as you would any other appointment. Scheduling your workouts in advance will make you less likely to skip them. Also, plan your workout outfits or pack your bag the night before so you have even less to think about at the time of your workout.

O – workout with OTHERS.Grab a friend for a workout date. Again, working out with friends is great for accountability – no one likes to bail on a friend.

W – WAKE early. By starting your day with a workout you will get it out of the way & have less of a chance to skip it later. This is a great hack if you find you are a workout procrastinator.

E – it’s not EVERYTHING or nothing. Even if the day or week has gotten away from you, remember your workouts don’t always have to be all or nothing. A 15 minute walk, or simply doing our POWER75 strength add-on, but skipping the cardio after is still better than nothing.

R – REWARD yo’self. Don’t forget to treat yourself! Grab a manicure or a fresh juice after class – you deserve it. And go ahead and schedule that reward for yourself, too, so that you can help mentally prepare to start the workout. (Ok, if I just get through all of my workouts this week, I’ll treat myself to a new book — sounds good, right!).