The popularity of spin class workouts continues to grow. While many people thought the craze would die out, it continues to thrive while other exercise fads fade away into oblivion. There’s a reason for this: not only is spinning a great, high-calorie-burning workout, but it’s so fun that people keep coming back for more!

Here at WheelPower Studio, we pride ourselves on being the best spinning class in Deerfield. With our modern boutique gym consisting of special amenities such as complimentary cycling shoes, vegan shower products, a stadium-style cycling theatre, and top-of-the-line equipment, it’s easy to see why our cycling studio is the go-to choice. But a class is only as good as its instructor, and we’re proud to say that we have the best in the industry!

So what makes a great spin instructor? In this post, we’ll discuss the traits that all of our trainers possess to get your butt in gear and shed those unwanted calories!


One of the reasons that people keep coming back to our spin class is that they’re able to find the motivation to keep going that other workouts lack. This is directly influenced by our instructors who have high energy, a dedication to making the class fun, and the training and expertise necessary to guarantee that you get the best workout imaginable. You’ll almost forget that you’re in the middle of a high-intensity spin session!

They Know the Class

It’s extremely discouraging to be part of a crowded group exercise where you don’t feel involved and know that you could walk out with no one noticing. Not at WheelPower Studios! Not only will our trainers know your name, but they’ll understand where you’re at in your fitness journey and will be able to give you the attention and advice you need to get the best workout possible. Instead of a class of strangers, our groups begin to build a strong camaraderie with every single person working toward the same goal and guided by a highly motivated instructor.

They’ll Push You to Your Limit, But No Further

With the attention you receive from the instructor, they will know your potential and what you can handle. In order to get the best workout, you need to push your body to the limit, but not go overboard. Our spin instructors will be able to get you to work out harder than you knew you were able to, without putting you in harm’s way or taking you to the brink of exhaustion. You’ll be surprised with what you can achieve when you have a trainer who motivates you to take it to the next level.

WheelPower Studio

At WheelPower Studio, not only will our certified instructors give you the motivation and advice that you need to reach your fitness goals, but they’ll also provide you with killer music to fuel your ride! If you’re looking to join a calorie-busting cardio party, be sure to contact us today to sign up for our spinning classes in Deerfield. We look forward to hearing from you!