As you walk in from the pouring rain, you don’t even bother drying your hair, as soon enough the precipitation will be replaced with perspiration. You’re greeted with a warm smile at the front desk, grab your complimentary cycling shoes, and walk into the stadium-style cycling theatre. While adjusting your seat, you nod slightly to your neighbors, a subtle acknowledgment that for the next hour you’ll all be working towards the one common goal of getting into shape. The lights begin to dim, the music begins to rise, and the sweat begins to drip.

When you sign up for our cycling class in Deerfield, you’re not just guaranteed to have a good time, but experience one of the most challenging, calorie-burning exercises you can find. Some people call spinning classes a trend that will fade, but it only continues to grow. Let’s take a look at a few of the physical benefits that indoor cycling provides, making it such a popular workout.

Build Muscle

No one signs up for a fitness class just to pass the time; they want results. Whether to lose weight, strengthen their muscles, or just to maintain the healthy shape that they’re in, more and more people are starting to realize that spin classes are one of the best options when it comes to fitness goals. When you cycle, you’re not only building the muscles in your legs, but enhancing your muscular endurance as well. After several sessions, you’ll notice that walking up the stairs, lengthy strolls, and other daily activities that used to cause fatigue will be accomplished with ease. At WheelPower Studio, we also incorporate weights and provide rhythmic sculpting classes to work out all of your core muscles.

Burn Calories

Our cycling classes are not just leisurely rides for when you can’t ride your cruiser outside. They are a challenge. While we make it fun by incorporating a party-like environment with great tunes and lighting, our main goal is to burn away those pesky unwanted calories. It is estimated that in just an hour of spinning, you’ll lose 400 to 600 calories, making it one of the most effective calorie burning workouts available.

Low Impact

Indoor cycling is not only a great calorie shedding workout, but it is very low impact as well. With no bumps or potholes in our way, this makes for a great exercise for those with injured or weak knees. In fact, cycling is often recommended for people recovering from an orthopedic injury.

Healthy Heart

If none of the above were enough to peak your interest, think about the most important muscle in your body: the heart. During our cycling classes, your heart will develop the ability to maintain a healthy rate while you pedal away, and your lungs will thank you as well. Also, by participating in regular spin classes, you’ll be significantly lowering your risk of coronary artery disease.

If you’re not looking for a workout that burns calories, builds muscles, enhances the health of your heart, and is good for your knees and joints, then, I guess we can’t really help. But if you are, be sure to sign up for WheelPower’s cycling classes in Deerfield today!