As you know, winters in Illinois can get pretty frigid. With ice on the roads and sidewalks, and the harsh winds blowing snowflakes at your face like tiny ninja stars, it’s highly unlikely that you’ll be strapping on your helmet and taking your bike out for a spin. Even in the spring and summer, we have our fair share of wind and rain to keep you inside. But if you’re anything like us, you need to get your workouts in. When the weather gets rough, instead of reluctantly staying stationary on your couch, come get on a stationary bike and get a workout that will not only have you sweating, but smiling as well.

At WheelPower Studios, we provide both rhythmic sculpting classes as well as spinning classes in Deerfield for total body conditioning. The kicker? Music is integral to our workouts. From live DJs to 90’s jams, we believe that reaching your fitness goals should be challenging as well as fun. With small classes and dedicated trainers, you’ll be motivated and shown proper technique and form, but it’s important to know at least the basics before coming in or cycling on your own. Using improper technique will not only hinder the results of your workout, but also put you at higher risk for injury. Let’s look at some of the key points for proper technique when getting a spinning workout.

Bike Setup

It’s important to have your bike set up to your specifics before you begin to spin those pedals. You’re going to want to have your seat level with your hip so that when you’re in cycling position your knee has a slight bend. If your seat is too high, you’re going to be straining your legs just to pedal and putting yourself at jeopardy to pull a muscle. With your seat too low, you’ll find yourself uncomfortable and cramped, which also increases the likelihood of an injury and hindering your workout.

The positioning of your handlebars mostly depends on your level of comfort, but majority of cyclists prefer having the handlebars at a distance that lets their shoulders relax and creates a slight bend in the elbow. The height of the handlebars should be raised or lowered to a position you feel comfortable with.

During Your Workout

As you begin your workout, you’re going to want to maintain that bend in your elbows. Staying true to the wisdom of your parents and teachers, you’re going to have to ignore the temptation to slouch. With a straight back, you’re able to breathe from your belly, strengthening your abdominal muscles during the workout.  

Resist swaying during the ride. While you might feel like you’re getting more power, or look cooler, your not and you don’t. Maintain your posture and focus on your legs, core, and hips to pedal more efficiently. Also, don’t just push down on the pedals, pulling up will work out more muscles and give you a better overall workout.

WheelPower Studios

There you have it! Pretty simple, right? There’s more to it, but our certified personal trainers will be able to guide you and show you how to maximize your workout. So what are you waiting for? If you’re ready to join the best spinning class in Deerfield, sign up today!