We know, we know, there’s still time to enjoy the nice weather! The last thing that we want to do is to take the wind from your sails and remind you that the colder months are approaching, but the fact of the matter is, it’s true! Just a quick trip to the local superstore and you’ll see fall decorations already up, and warmer clothes being sold. We definitely want you to enjoy the sunshine while you still can, but what about when that bitter Illinois’ cold comes to stay? What are you going to do to stay in shape? Now is the ideal time to start indoor cycling classes in Deerfield! Whether you’re new to spinning class or looking for a new studio, if you start now you’ll be in the full swing of things once it’s too cold to exercise outdoors. In this post, we’ll give you a few more reasons why you should join us at WheelPower Studio now!


As stated above, while we don’t like to admit it, the cold is rearing its head around the corner and ready to make us bundle up when we step outside. With the frigidness, it can be hard to keep reaching your fitness goals and just bundle up and watch movies. That’s completely fine on occasion, but your body craves activity! That’s one of the many benefits to indoor cycling, you can get in a sweat even when the temperature outside is in the single digits!

Extra Motivation

As if preparing to hibernate, many of us find ourselves eating more and doing less as the winter begins to approach. It can be hard to find that needed motivation when just going outside requires countless layers. But it’s important for your health and happiness to push through this difficult time. We promise that after just one spin class at WheelPower, you’ll be anxiously anticipating the next workout. Why? Not only do we have highly trained instructors that will keep your but in gear, but you’ll also find that the entire class will provide you with the motivation to keep going!

Our classes are full of people all pedaling towards the same goal, to get or stay in shape! Unlike other cycling studios that are enormous and leave little room for individual focus, we keep our classes small so that the instructors can help each and every person along the way. The small size of our spin classes also creates a camaraderie wherein each person motivates those around them.

Stay in Shape

Why push yourself beyond your limits to get that spring and summer body at the tail end of winter? Save yourself the trouble and maintain your level of fitness! Cycling is one of the best, low-impact exercises and combining the music and our motivated instructors, it’s also a great time!

So what are you waiting for! Don’t be glum and unmotivated just because it’s going to be cold soon! Let winter know that it can’t stop you and your focus on your fitness! If you’d like to learn more about our spin studio in Deerfield then contact us now, or come on it and find a class that best suits you!