There are very few people if, given the chance, that would refuse the opportunity to magically shed unwanted weight and transform their body into the best shape possible. The problem is that there is no easy button to immediately achieve results. It’s extremely common for people to start a workout routine only to give it up after a couple of weeks because they see no results when looking in the mirror. Reaching your fitness goals requires much more than just a few pushups and one workout class, it requires a healthy diet, consistency, and maybe most importantly, motivation! When you sign up with us for indoor cycling in Deerfield, you’ll certainly get an extra boost of motivation when comparing our boutique gym with others in town.

Not only are our facilities clean, modern, and innovative, but you’ll immediately sense the team camaraderie that WheelPower provides. Everyone is committed to the same goal, and our highly trained and enthusiastic trainers provide an environment that keeps you wanting more! We understand that staying devoted to your spin classes can be difficult, especially when you’re already juggling family, social, and work life, so in this post, we’ll give you a few simple tricks to find the motivation that you need.

Bring a Partner!

Like any situation in life, staying dedicated to your workout routine can be tough on your own. While you’re going to meet some great people in your class, we’ve found that members joining our gym find it much easier to acclimate when they have a friend or family member join at the same time. This will help you shake off the “new student” nerves, as well as allow you guys to keep each other accountable. It’s much easier to convince yourself of a bogus excuse not to workout than it is when someone else is counting on you to be there!

Get Lost in the Music

Unlike other workouts that just seem strenuous and repetitive, our cycling classes are fun! Yes, you read that right! We consider each session to be a cardio-burning party! To us, music is integral to our workout classes. From live DJs to the best club mixes, you’ll almost forget that you’re getting your sweat on as you lose yourself to the tunes!

Listen to the Instructors

At WheelPower Studios, you’re not just another face amongst the crowd. Keeping our classes small, our certified trainers are able to give you the attention that you deserve! They’ll get to know your strengths and weaknesses, as well as what you’re aiming to achieve. They will never push you beyond what they know you’re capable of, and will continually give you the encouragement and motivation you need.

WheelPower Studio

Saving the best for last, one of the best motivators to keep coming back to our spin classes in Deerfield are the results! As we stated before, it takes time to see visible improvements, but we promise you will begin to burn those unwanted calories before you know it! If you’re ready to join our indoor cycling family, be sure to sign up today!