POWERide 45

POWERide class combines the beat of music with the latest technology to allow for workouts which are fun, calorie torching and endurance building. We invite riders to lose themselves in the motivating music while building stamina. Some classes may have the option to compete in races where a rider can reach their personal best, while others may have team challenges where we all work together to take the ride to the next level. Our technology is both inside the cycle room and at your fingertips (via email); so riders will have all the tools they need to track their progress. Our indoor cycle classes are designed to build athleticism and strength with every pedal stroke.

RHYTHMICsculpt 45

RHYTHMICsculpt 45 is an invigorating yet challenging approach to group circuit training. Set in an intimate setting, participants will work their way through different strength stations, allowing the rhythm of music to motivate their movements. RHYTHMIC sculpt allows participants to let go & enjoy the music all while building POWER: total body toning, core strengthening, and muscular endurance.


(Cycle / Bootcamp)

Get your heart rate up with our unique combination POWERHOUR class. This signature 60-minute class will begin with a 30 minute HIIT based cycle class in the Wheel Room, followed by 30 minutes of Bootcamp strength training in our Power Room. (Please note: participants will need shoes for the Bootcamp class).


POWER TRX is a total body blast of a class, meant to bring all fitness levels together to perform exercises on the TRX and Ultraslide board in an interval based fashion. This class brings the perfect blend of heart health, muscular toning and working together in a small group setting.

POWER BootCamp

This HIIT based strength class will target all the large muscle groups, creating a total body conditioning experience. POWER Seekers will stay at their desired station and switch off working for muscle groups before hitting the slide board for explosive cardio bursts. Prepare to sweat, burn & slide.

POWERSculpt Add-On

Looking for the maximum burn? Add 25 minutes of strength and body sculpting before or after your POWERide to provide the ultimate workout for those who want maximum benefits.

In the mood for a quickie? Sign up for only the add-on portion of the class for a high-intensity strength workout in only 25 minutes.