1. POWER Seeker of the Month – March 2017

    Please join us in congratulating Rachel Schechter for being the March POWERSeeker of the Month! We asked Rachel to answer a few questions so that your can get to know her better. Here's what she had to say: Q: Please share a fun fact about you that not everyone knows. A: I used to be a singer;) Q: H…Read More

  2. February, 2017 Power Seeker of the Month

    Congratulations to Scott Fenster! Scott is an early riser and a regular in our 6am POWERides through out the week. Scott's consistent and happy spirit, is inspiring to us all here at WheelPower. Please join us in congratulating Scott, our February POWER Seeker of the Month next time you are in the s…Read More

  3. POWER Seeker of the Month — October, 2016

    We are so excited to begin a new feature -- POWER Seeker of the Month. Each month we would like to feature one ATHLETE who embodies what WheelPower is all about, and who has seen results from their workouts. The October POWER Seeker is Liz Adelstein of Northbrook & here are her top 10 reasons wh…Read More

  4. Start Small

    I have always loved fall - both the idea of a new school year and the promise of cooler weather excite me. Every school year always presented a new chance to re-invent yourself, set new goals, make new friends & learn new things. This year, as my son headed to his school's Meet & Greet, his …Read More

  5. Habit vs. WillPower

    You may have realized that our name is a play on words with willpower. Willpower is often defined as the strong determination that allows you to do something difficult, such as exercising, losing weight, or even simply waking up for those 5 am workouts. Sounds easy, right? Just have a ton of willpow…Read More

  6. 5 P.O.W.E.R. Hacks to Get Your Workouts In

    Workout Hacks. Now that August is here, between vacations, post camp laundry and back to school prep, it can be easy to skip a workout here or there, or simply just feel like you do not have time to work out. So we created a list of 5 P.O.W.E.R. workout "hacks" to help motivate you & make it eas…Read More

  7. What the What are Watts?

    What the What are Watts? In other words, how do we use the WheelPower Studio bike tech packs? We love our Stages bikes for their smooth ride, but Stages is also known for their indoor cycle consoles. Our instructors give their cues based on your RPM, or speed -- but as you turn your wheel (or switch…Read More